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AutoSock size guide

Please choose your tyre size using the drop downs above, and we will show you which AutoSock size you need. We'll also show you any discontinued AutoSock sizes which we still have in stock. (AutoSock reduced their range from 13 sizes to 8 sizes last season, and we're selling the older sizes very cheaply. There's nothing wrong with these older sizes - they may well be an even better fit than the new season sizes.)

Assume that you see 155/65-R14 marked on your tyres. Start by finding your tyre width size in the chart below, e.g. 155, written in bold black, and then find your tyre wall and rim size e.g. 155/65-R14 (marked in orange as an example). Please take your tyre size from your actual car tyre, not from the vehicle handbook! Click on your tyre size for more product information, and to order.

AutoSock have streamlined their sizes, reducing the number of different sizes from 13 to 8. We still have some of the older sizes in stock which we are selling at discounted prices. There's nothing wrong with these older sizes - they may well be an even better fit than the new season sizes.

135185/70-16 no fit215/70-14 AS685245/45-17 AS685275/40-16 no fit
135-12 no fit185/70-17 no fit215/70-15 AS685245/45-18 AS695275/40-17 AS695
135-13 AS540185/75-13 no fit215/70-16 AS695245/45-19 AS695275/40-18 AS695
135-14 AS540185/75-14 AS645215/70-17 AS697245/45-20 AS697275/40-19 AS697
135-15 no fit185/75-15 no fit215/70-17.5 ASAL59245/50-13 no fit275/40-20 AS697
135/55-16 AS540185/75-16 AS685215/70-7.5 AS697245/50-14 no fit275/40-21 AS698
135/65-16 no fit185/80-13 AS645215/75-14 AS685245/50-15 AS645275/40-22 AS699
135/70-13 no fit185/80-14 AS645215/75-15 AS695245/50-16 AS685275/45-13 no fit
135/70-14 no fit185/80-15 no fit215/75-16 AS697245/50-17 AS695275/45-15 no fit
135/70-15 AS540185/80-16 no fit215/75-17 AS698245/50-18 AS695275/45-17 no fit
135/75-13 no fit185/80-17 no fit215/75-17.5 ASAL59245/50-19 AS697275/45-18 AS697
135/80-12 no fit185/85-13 AS685215/80-14 AS695245/50-20 AS697275/45-19 AS697
135/80-13 no fit190215/80-15 AS697245/55-16 AS695275/45-20 AS698
135/80-14 no fit190/50-390 no fit215/80-16 AS697245/55-17 AS695275/45-21 AS699
135/80-15 no fit190/55-340 no fit215/85-16 AS698245/55-18 AS697275/45-22 no fit
140190/55-365 no fit220245/55-19 AS698275/45-22 599 ASAL64
140/70-12 no fit190/55-390 no fit220/45-390 no fit245/55-22 no fit275/50-15 AS695
145190/60-365 no fit220/45-415 no fit245/60-14 AS685275/50-16 no fit
145-10 no fit190/65-340 no fit220/55-365 no fit245/60-15 AS695275/50-17 no fit
145-12 no fit190/65-365 no fit220/55-390 AS645245/60-16 AS695275/50-18 AS697
145-13 AS540190/65-390 AS645220/60-16 no fit245/60-17 AS697275/50-19 AS698
145-15 no fit195220/60-18 AS697245/60-18 AS697275/50-20 AS699
145/60-13 no fit195-13 AS685220/60-390 no fit245/60-20 AS699275/55-15 no fit
145/60-14 no fit195-14 AS685220/65-390 AS685245/65-15 AS695275/55-16 AS697
145/65-13 no fit195-15 AS685225245/65-16 no fit275/55-17 AS697
145/65-14 no fit195-16 no fit225-45R1 no fit245/65-17 AS697275/55-18 no fit
145/65-15 AS540195-16 C no fit225/30-18 no fit245/680-460 AS695275/55-19 AS699
145/70-12 no fit195-50R2 no fit225/30-19 AS645245/690-500 AS695275/55-20 ASAL64
145/70-13 no fit195/40-14 no fit225/30-20 no fit245/70-14 AS695275/60-14 AS695
145/70-14 AS540195/40-16 AS540225/35-16 no fit245/70-15 AS697275/60-15 AS697
145/70-15 no fit195/40-17 AS600225/35-17 AS600245/70-16 AS697275/60-16 AS697
145/75-13 no fit195/45-13 no fit225/35-18 AS645245/70-17 AS698275/60-17 AS698
145/75-14 no fit195/45-14 AS540225/35-19 AS645245/70-17.5 ASAL59275/60-18 AS699
145/75-15 no fit195/45-15 AS540225/35-20 AS695245/70-19. 591 no fit275/60-20 no fit
145/80-10 no fit195/45-16 AS600225/40-14 no fit245/70-19.5 ASAL64275/65-15 no fit
145/80-12 no fit195/45-17 AS600225/40-15 no fit245/700-470 no fit275/65-16 AS698
145/80-13 AS540195/45-18 no fit225/40-16 AS600245/75-15 AS697275/65-17 AS699
145/80-15 AS600195/45-208 no fit225/40-17 AS645245/75-16 AS698275/65-18 AS699
150195/50-13 no fit225/40-18 AS645245/75-17 AS699275/65-20 no fit
150/65-345 no fit195/50-14 no fit225/40-19 AS685245/75-17.5 no fit275/70-15 AS698
155195/50-15 AS600225/40-20 no fit245/75-22.5 ASAL71275/70-16 603 AS699
155-12 AS540195/50-16 AS600225/40-475 no fit245/80-16 no fit275/70-16 no fit
155-13 AS600195/50-18 no fit225/45-13 no fit245/85-15 AS699275/70-17 ASAL64
155-14 AS600195/50-20 AS695225/45-14 no fit245/85-16 ASAL64275/70-17.5 no fit
155-15 no fit195/55-13 AS540225/45-15 no fit245/85-17 no fit275/70-18 no fit
155/55-13 no fit195/55-14 AS600225/45-16 AS645250275/70-19.5 no fit
155/55-14 no fit195/55-15 AS600225/45-17 AS645250-15 ASAL64275/70-22.5 ASAL71
155/55-15 AS540195/55-16 AS645225/45-18 AS685255275/75-15 no fit
155/60-13 no fit195/55-17 no fit225/45-19 AS695255/100-16 no fit275/75-16 no fit
155/60-14 no fit195/55-18 no fit225/45-20 AS697255/25-22 no fit275/75-17.5 no fit
155/60-15 AS540195/55-20 no fit225/50-14 no fit255/30-18 no fit275/75-18 ASAL69
155/60-20 no fit195/55-21 no fit225/50-15 no fit255/30-19 AS685275/75-22.5 ASAL74
155/65-13 AS540195/55-340 no fit225/50-16 AS645255/30-20 AS695275/75-24.5 ASAL79
155/65-14 AS540195/60-13 AS540225/50-17 AS685255/30-21 no fit275/80-17 no fit
155/65-15 no fit195/60-14 AS600225/50-18 AS685255/30-22 no fit275/80-18 no fit
155/65-16 no fit195/60-15 AS600225/50-19 AS695255/30-24 no fit275/80-20 ASAL71
155/65-17 no fit195/60-16 AS645225/55-13 AS600255/35-14 no fit275/80-22.5 ASAL79
155/70-12 no fit195/60-18 no fit225/55-14 no fit255/35-16 no fit275/80-24.5 ASAL84
155/70-13 AS540195/620-420 no fit225/55-15 AS645255/35-17 no fit280
155/70-14 AS540195/65-13 AS600225/55-16 AS685255/35-18 AS685280/45-415 no fit
155/70-15 AS600195/65-14 AS600225/55-17 AS685255/35-19 AS695280/70-16 no fit
155/70-19 no fit195/65-15 AS645225/55-17.5 no fit255/35-20 AS695280/85-24 no fit
155/75-12 no fit195/65-16 AS645225/55-18 AS695255/35-21 AS697285
155/75-13 no fit195/65-17.5 AS695225/55-19 AS697255/35-22 no fit285/25-20 no fit
155/75-14 no fit195/70-13 AS600225/55-20 AS697255/40-16 no fit285/25-22 no fit
155/75-15 no fit195/70-14 AS645225/60-13 no fit255/40-17 AS685285/25-24 no fit
155/75-16 no fit195/70-15 AS645225/60-14 AS645255/40-18 AS695285/30-18 no fit
155/80-10 no fit195/70-16 AS685225/60-15 AS685255/40-19 AS695285/30-19 AS695
155/80-12 AS540195/70-17 AS695225/60-16 AS685255/40-20 AS697285/30-20 no fit
155/80-13 AS600195/75-13 AS645225/60-17 AS695255/40-21 AS697285/30-21 no fit
155/80-14 AS600195/75-14 AS645225/60-18 AS697255/45-15 no fit285/30-22 no fit
155/80-15 no fit195/75-15 AS685225/65-14 AS685255/45-16 no fit285/30-24 no fit
160195/75-16 AS695225/65-15 AS685255/45-17 AS695285/35-17 no fit
160-13 AS600195/75-17 no fit225/65-16 AS695255/45-18 AS695285/35-18 AS695
160/65-13 no fit195/80-13 no fit225/65-17 AS697255/45-19 AS697285/35-19 no fit
160/65-315 no fit195/80-14 AS685225/65-18 AS697255/45-20 AS697285/35-20 AS697
160/65-340 no fit195/80-15 AS685225/65-19 AS698255/45-21 no fit285/35-21 no fit
160/65-365 no fit195/80-16 no fit225/650-460 no fit255/45-22 AS699285/35-22 AS698
165195/80-17 no fit225/70-14 AS685255/50-16 AS695285/35-23 no fit
165-13 AS600195/85-16 no fit225/70-15 AS695255/50-17 AS695285/40-15 no fit
165-15 no fit195/95-15 no fit225/70-16 AS697255/50-18 AS697285/40-17 no fit
165/45-15 no fit200225/70-17 AS697255/50-19 AS697285/40-18 no fit
165/50-15 AS540200/50-10 ASAF12225/70-17.5 ASAL59255/50-20 AS698285/40-19 AS697
165/55-13 no fit200/55-365 no fit225/70-18 AS698255/50-21 AS698285/40-20 AS697
165/55-14 AS540200/55-390 no fit225/70-19.5 ASAL64255/55-13 no fit285/40-21 AS698
165/55-15 AS540200/60-365 no fit225/70-22.5 ASAL69255/55-14 no fit285/40-22 ASAL64
165/55-16 AS600200/60-390 no fit225/700-480 AS695255/55-15 AS695285/45-18 no fit
165/60-12 no fit200/65-340 no fit225/75-10 no fit255/55-16 AS695285/45-20 AS698
165/60-13 no fit200/70-14 no fit225/75-14 AS695255/55-17 AS697285/45-21 no fit
165/60-14 AS540200/70-365 no fit225/75-15 AS697255/55-18 AS697285/45-22 605 no fit
165/60-15 AS540200/75-9 ASAF16225/75-16 AS697255/55-19 AS698285/45-22 no fit
165/65-13 AS540205225/75-17 AS698255/55-20 AS698285/50-15 no fit
165/65-14 AS540205-14 AS695225/75-17.5 ASAL59255/60-14 AS695285/50-18 no fit
165/65-15 AS600205-15 no fit225/80-14 no fit255/60-15 AS695285/50-20 ASAL64
165/65-16 no fit205-16 AS697225/80-15 AS697255/60-16 AS697285/50-20 606 ASAL64
165/70-10 no fit205/35-18 AS600225/80-16 AS698255/60-17 AS697285/50-21 no fit
165/70-12 no fit205/40-13 no fit225/85-16 no fit255/60-18 AS698285/55-18 AS699
165/70-13 AS540205/40-16 AS600225/90-20 no fit255/60-19 AS699285/55-19 no fit
165/70-14 AS600205/40-17 AS600230255/65-15 AS697285/55-20 no fit
165/70-15 AS600205/40-18 AS645230/55-390 no fit255/65-16 AS697285/55-22 ASAL69
165/70-18 AS685205/45-14 no fit235255/65-17 AS698285/60-16 AS698
165/70-365 AS600205/45-15 AS600235-16 AS698255/65-18 AS698285/60-17 AS699
165/75-12 no fit205/45-16 AS600235/30-18 no fit255/65-20 no fit285/60-18 607 ASAL64
165/75-13 no fit205/45-17 AS645235/30-19 AS645255/70-14 AS697285/60-18 ASAL64
165/75-14 AS600205/45-18 AS645235/30-20 no fit255/70-15 AS697285/60-20 no fit
165/75-15 no fit205/45-19 no fit235/30-21 no fit255/70-16 AS698285/60-22.5 no fit
165/75-16 no fit205/50-13 no fit235/30-22 no fit255/70-17 AS698285/65-16 no fit
165/80-13 AS600205/50-14 no fit235/35-15 no fit255/70-18 AS699285/65-17 no fit
165/80-14 AS600205/50-15 AS600235/35-16 no fit255/70-22.5 ASAL71285/65-18 no fit
165/80-15 no fit205/50-16 AS600235/35-17 no fit255/75-15 AS698285/65-20 ASAL69
165/80-16 no fit205/50-17 AS645235/35-18 AS645255/75-16 AS699285/65-22.5 ASAL71
170205/50-18 no fit235/35-19 AS685255/75-17 ASAL64285/70-16 ASAL64
170/65-340 no fit205/50-19 no fit235/35-20 AS685255/80-15 no fit285/70-17 no fit
170/65-365 no fit205/55-13 no fit235/40-17 AS645255/80-16 AS699285/70-18 no fit
170/80-13 no fit205/55-14 AS600235/40-18 AS645255/80-22.5 ASAL74285/70-19.5 ASAL69
175205/55-15 AS600235/40-19 AS685255/85-16 no fit285/70-22.5 ASAL74
175-13 AS600205/55-16 AS645235/40-20 AS695265285/75-16 no fit
175-14 no fit205/55-17 AS645235/40-475 no fit265/30-18 no fit285/75-17 ASAL69
175-15 no fit205/55-18 AS685235/45-15 no fit265/30-19 no fit285/75-18 ASAL69
175-16 no fit205/55-19 AS697235/45-16 AS645265/30-20 AS695285/75-22.5 ASAL79
175/50-13 AS540205/60-13 AS600235/45-17 AS645265/30-21 no fit285/75-24.5 ASAL84
175/50-14 AS540205/60-14 AS600235/45-18 AS685265/30-22 AS697285/80-22.5 ASAL79
175/50-15 AS540205/60-15 AS645235/45-19 AS695265/35-17 no fit295
175/50-16 no fit205/60-16 AS645235/45-20 AS697265/35-18 no fit295/25-20 no fit
175/50-20 no fit205/60-17 AS685235/50-13 AS600265/35-19 AS695295/25-21 no fit
175/55-13 no fit205/60-17.5 AS695235/50-15 no fit265/35-20 AS695295/25-22 no fit
175/55-14 no fit205/640-440 no fit235/50-16 no fit265/35-21 AS697295/30-18 no fit
175/55-15 AS600205/65-13 no fit235/50-17 AS685265/35-22 AS697295/30-19 no fit
175/55-16 AS600205/65-14 AS645235/50-18 AS695265/40-16 no fit295/30-20 no fit
175/55-17 no fit205/65-15 AS645235/50-19 AS697265/40-17 no fit295/30-21 no fit
175/55-18 no fit205/65-16 AS685235/50-20 AS697265/40-18 AS695295/30-22 no fit
175/55-20 no fit205/65-17 AS695235/55-15 AS645265/40-19 AS695295/30-23 no fit
175/60-13 AS540205/65-17.5 no fit235/55-16 AS685265/40-20 AS697295/35-18 no fit
175/60-14 AS540205/65-18 no fit235/55-17 AS695265/40-21 AS697295/35-19 no fit
175/60-15 AS600205/65-19 no fit235/55-18 AS697265/40-22 AS699295/35-20 no fit
175/60-16 AS600205/650-440 no fit235/55-19 AS697265/45-15 no fit295/35-22 no fit
175/60-19 no fit205/70-13 AS600235/55-20 AS698265/45-17 no fit295/40-17 no fit
175/65-13 AS540205/70-14 AS645235/60-13 no fit265/45-18 AS695295/40-18 no fit
175/65-14 AS600205/70-15 AS685235/60-14 AS645265/45-19 no fit295/40-19 no fit
175/65-15 AS600205/70-16 AS695235/60-15 AS685265/45-20 AS697295/40-20 AS698
175/65-16 no fit205/70-17 AS697235/60-16 AS695265/45-21 AS698295/40-21 AS699
175/65-17 AS645205/70-17.5 AS697235/60-17 AS697265/50-14 no fit295/45-18 no fit
175/70-12 no fit205/75-13 no fit235/60-18 AS697265/50-15 no fit295/45-19 no fit
175/70-13 AS600205/75-14 AS685235/60-19 no fit265/50-16 AS695295/45-20 no fit
175/70-14 AS600205/75-15 AS695235/60-20 no fit265/50-18 no fit295/45-22 no fit
175/70-15 AS645205/75-16 AS695235/65-15 AS695265/50-19 AS697295/50-15 no fit
175/70-16 AS645205/75-17 AS697235/65-16 AS697265/50-20 AS698295/50-16 no fit
175/75-13 AS600205/75-17.5 AS697235/65-17 AS697265/55-17 AS697295/50-20 no fit
175/75-14 AS600205/80-13 no fit235/65-17.5 no fit265/55-18 AS697295/55-22.5 no fit
175/75-15 AS645205/80-14 no fit235/65-18 AS698265/55-19 AS698295/60-19.5 no fit
175/75-16 AS685205/80-15 no fit235/65-19 AS699265/60-14 AS695295/60-20 ASAL69
175/80-13 AS600205/80-16 AS697235/660-460 no fit265/60-15 AS695295/60-22.5 ASAL71
175/80-14 AS645205/85-16 no fit235/690-500 AS695265/60-16 AS697295/65-20 ASAL69
175/80-15 AS685210235/70-14 AS695265/60-17 AS698295/65-22.5 ASAL74
175/80-16 AS685210/55-365 no fit235/70-15 AS697265/60-18 AS698295/70-17 no fit
175/80-19 no fit210/55-390 no fit235/70-16 AS697265/60-22.5 no fit295/70-18 ASAL69
180210/65-365 no fit235/70-17 AS698265/65-15 no fit295/70-22.5 ASAL74
180/60-340 no fit215235/70-17.5 ASAL59265/65-16 AS698295/75-16 no fit
180/65-17 no fit215-14 no fit235/700-450 no fit265/65-17 AS698295/75-22.5 ASAL79
180/65-315 no fit215-15 AS697235/710-460 AS697265/65-18 AS699295/80-22.5 ASAL84
180/65-340 no fit215-16 no fit235/75-15 AS697265/680-500 no fit300
180/65-365 no fit215/35-16 no fit235/75-16 AS697265/70-14 no fit300-15 ASAF32
180/65-390 no fit215/35-17 AS600235/75-17 AS699265/70-15 AS698300/15-18 no fit
180/70-8 ASAF12215/35-18 AS645235/75-17.5 ASAL64265/70-16 AS698300/70-20 no fit
185215/35-19 AS645235/75-19.5 no fit265/70-17 AS699300/70-24 no fit
185-13 AS645215/40-14 no fit235/80-16 AS698265/70-17.5 ASAL64300/80-24 no fit
185-14 AS645215/40-15 no fit235/80-17 AS699265/70-18 ASAL64305
185-14C no fit215/40-16 AS600235/80-18 no fit265/70-19.5 ASAL69305/25-19 no fit
185-15 AS685215/40-17 AS600235/80-22.5 ASAL71265/70-22.5 ASAL71305/25-20 no fit
185-16 no fit215/40-18 AS645235/85-16 AS699265/75-14 no fit305/25-22 no fit
185/110-14 no fit215/45-14 no fit235/85-17 ASAL64265/75-15 AS698305/25-23 no fit
185/40-17 no fit215/45-15 AS60023550265/75-16 AS699305/30-19 no fit
185/45-14 no fit215/45-16 AS60023550-18 no fit265/75-16 598 no fit305/30-20 no fit
185/45-15 AS540215/45-17 AS645240265/75-17 no fit305/30-21 no fit
185/45-17 no fit215/45-18 AS645240/40-19 no fit265/75-22.5 ASAL74305/30-22 no fit
185/50-13 no fit215/45-20 AS695240/45-415 no fit265/780-520 no fit305/30-23 no fit
185/50-14 AS540215/50-13 AS540240/55-390 no fit265/790-540 no fit305/35-19 no fit
185/50-15 AS540215/50-14 no fit245265/80-16 ASAL64305/35-20 no fit
185/50-16 AS600215/50-15 AS600245/30-18 no fit265/85-16 no fit305/35-21 no fit
185/50-17 no fit215/50-16 AS645245/30-19 AS645270305/35-22 no fit
185/55-13 no fit215/50-17 AS645245/30-20 AS685270/40-20 AS697305/35-23 no fit
185/55-14 AS540215/50-18 AS685245/30-21 no fit270/50-15 no fit305/35-24 no fit
185/55-15 AS600215/55-13 no fit245/30-22 no fit275305/40-20 no fit
185/55-16 AS600215/55-14 no fit245/35-16 no fit275/20-20 no fit305/40-22 no fit
185/60-13 AS540215/55-15 AS645245/35-17 no fit275/25-19 no fit305/40-22 611 no fit
185/60-14 AS600215/55-16 AS645245/35-18 AS645275/25-20 no fit305/45-17 no fit
185/60-15 5.5i no fit215/55-17 AS685245/35-19 AS685275/25-21 no fit305/45-20 no fit
185/60-15 AS600215/55-18 AS695245/35-20 AS695275/25-22 no fit305/45-22 no fit
185/60-15 6.0i no fit215/60-13 AS600245/35-21 AS697275/25-24 AS698305/45-22 612 no fit
185/60-16 AS645215/60-14 AS645245/35-22 no fit275/30-19 no fit305/50-15 no fit
185/60-17 AS645215/60-15 AS645245/40-15 no fit275/30-20 AS695305/50-20 no fit
185/65-13 AS600215/60-16 AS685245/40-16 no fit275/30-21 no fit305/55-20 no fit
185/65-14 AS600215/60-17 AS695245/40-17 AS645275/30-22 no fit305/60-18 no fit
185/65-15 AS600215/60-18 no fit245/40-18 AS685275/30-23 no fit305/60-22.5 no fit
185/65-16 AS645215/65-13 AS600245/40-19 AS695275/30-24 no fit305/70-16 no fit
185/65-17 no fit215/65-14 AS645245/40-20 AS695275/35-17 no fit305/70-17 ASAL69
185/65-365 AS600215/65-15 AS685245/40-21 no fit275/35-18 AS695305/70-18 ASAL69
185/70-13 AS600215/65-16 AS685245/45-13 no fit275/35-19 AS695305/70-19.5 ASAL71
185/70-14 AS600215/65-17 AS697245/45-15 no fit275/35-21 AS697305/70-22.5 ASAL79
185/70-15 AS645215/650-440 no fit245/45-16 AS645275/35-22 AS698305/70-24.5 no fit
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  • Safe and TÜV approved
  • Quick and easy to fit and remove
  • Great value, reusable and easy to store
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