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AutoSock are reusable tyre snow socks which you pull over the driving wheels of vehicles that need extra grip on ice or snow.

AutoSock for fork lifts, one pair AF28
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4.5 Stars 4.5/5 based on 107 reviews
4.5 Stars 4.5/5 based on 107 reviews

Why Buy AutoSock? Expand

Why buy AutoSock?

AutoSock are the 'original & best'. There are many cheap fakes on the market that haven't been safety tested like AutoSock and do not perform to the same high standards as the genuine article.

At a fraction of the price of winter tyres and some snow chains, AutoSock are a great value for money option. When used correctly, they can be called upon again and again - providing great traction over several winters.

AutoSock are so simple to fit that they require no practice and only take a couple of minutes to install - even with freezing fingers!

AutoSock are suitable for vehicles with limited clearance and also improve electronic safety systems like ABS. They won't damage your alloys either (unlike some snow chains).

Above all, AutoSock work! Don't just take our word for it, click on the Customer Reviews tab to view a handful of the hundreds of emails we received last winter from happy AutoSock customers

Customer Reviews Expand

AutoSock Reviews

- 06/12/2013 | Vehicle type: MPV 5.0
I live on a steep hill. Autosocks worked perfectly up and down. The local roads were usually covered with snow and they were very useful here also. They were great on parking places which had not been salted. We drive an Audi Q3 FWD diesel.
- 01/12/2013 | Vehicle type: Saloon 5.0
I got hopelessly stuck in my Audi A4 , after being caught in a heavy snowfall whilst visiting customers. I fitted the Autosocks and was a little sceptical that they would offer much assistance. How wrong I was - they completely transformed the car and offered immediate grip to a very high level. With the Autosocks fitted I could even get up quite steep hills with ease. Without the Autosocks I could barely get any grip on a flat surface. Highly recommended, and got me out of a major problem, and what would have undoubtedly been a night spent sleeping in the car !
- 27/11/2013 | Vehicle type: Saloon 5.0
I can't recommend AutoSocks highly enough. We live in Sheffield which is very hilly. Last year when we had a heavy fall of snow all the main roads were gridlocked but, with the Autosocks on, we sailed up all the hilly back roads where no-one else had driven and got home with no problem. We live at the top of a steep hill and we were the only ones to drive up it. They are light, take up very little space in the boot, are easy to put on and the price is reasonable. I would never be without AutoSocks in the boot.
- 19/11/2013 | Vehicle type: Saloon 4.0
I live at the bottom of an estate with three ways to leave all uphill! My BMW 3-series won't move even on a frosty road. With the autosocks fitted it's like driving on a dry road even in the snow. Superb product! my only problem is with low-profile tyres, the space between the tyre and the wheel arch makes fitting very difficult, however I use a small roller jack to lift the car on my drive to fit the socks before setting off. Takes about 5-mins per wheel but we'll worth the time. Removing is easy.
- 14/11/2013 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 5.0
works well.easy to use.good value.easy to carry round
- 13/11/2013 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 4.5
If, like me, you live in a hilly place where the local council can't be bothered to grit, then these are essential. They work exactly as advertised. The only slight problem I have come across is that they are not very easy to remove when you have limited room in the wheelarch as on a mk2 Ka. Fitting is easier but not without some slight struggling. Overall though, an amazing piece of kit.
- 12/11/2013 | Vehicle type: Saloon 4.5
Autosock is the probably the best thing you could ever buy because in these harsh weather conditions you want to feel safe and you want to be with your love ones. Autosock is great for rear wheel drive especially for BMW. once you have put them on you can straightaway drive off.
- 13/10/2013 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 4.5
This product works almost as well as chains but is a LOT easier to fit. I have a 4x4 but used these to give me almost UNBEATABLE purchase on the road, UP and DOWN hill. they are much better than Winter Tyres and are a fraction of the cost. I hyped them so much several friends have since purchased them and have begun their own hype :)
- 23/03/2013 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 4.5
very easy to put on-much easier than chains. I leave my AutoSock in the boot year round-take up next to no space. amazing performance in snow
- 12/03/2013 | Vehicle type: Estate 2.5
Can't comment as we have not had the snow !
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How to use AutoSock Expand

How to use AutoSock

Fitting is very easy on most vehicles, more difficult on a few. The most difficult vehicles to fit are - no surprise - rear wheel drive cars with limited clearance. If you can't get your forearms into the space between the wheel and the wheel arch, fitting will be difficult. But blame the car, not the AutoSock! If they are a very tight fit, too tight, please let us know because there is obviously a size issue that we need to learn about.

How to fit AutoSock

Videos Expand

Video of AutoSock in action

Driving with AutoSock Expand

Driving with AutoSock

Here are some notes about what to expect from AutoSock, and some tips about how to get the best use from them:

General driving tips

First of all, please read the instructions, especially the comment "Avoid spinning the wheels, extreme braking and acceleration, since this could damage the product." The usual rules of driving in snow apply, i.e. pull off slowly, stay in as high a gear as possible, "anticipate" even more than normal, avoid hard braking. The speed limit of 30mph / 50kph will seem quite fast enough on snow. It is a maximum speed, not a recommended speed!

How long will they last?

Fundamentally, the more you drive on clear roads / gritted tarmac, the faster they will wear out and the sooner you will need to buy another set. They are a "Get you out of trouble" solution and are not intended for prolonged use. You will probably use them to get down to the gritted road, then you take them off ASAP it is safe to do so. From the instructions: "The wear limit is reached as soon as 50% of the white road-contact fabric is worn out and the underlying black safety material has become visible."

You will find that small holes start to appear as they become worn. This is no big deal and will not affect their performance until it becomes obvious that they are looking ragged and well worn - then they need replacing. If they are ripped, this is due to snagging on e.g. a loose mudguard, a loose screw on a wheel arch liner, some other third party influence. (If you hear them catching on something, stop and sort it out!)

There are bands of Kevlar running across the AutoSocks; these provide overall strength, help to prevent the socks from splitting after misuse, and help prevent holes from spreading.

Overall, use your commonsense about how long to use them, and of course and where possible you should avoid potholes, raised manholes etc.

Fitting them

Fitting is very easy on most vehicles, more difficult on a few. The most difficult vehicles to fit are - no surprise - rear wheel drive cars with limited clearance. If you can't get your forearms into the space between the wheel and the wheel arch, fitting will be difficult. But blame the car, not the AutoSock! If they are a very tight fit, too tight, please let us know because there is obviously a size issue that we need to learn about.

Specific driving tips

Some suggestions for situations where AutoSock are not making the difference expected:

On a rear wheel drive car, uphill slope, sheet ice: You need some weight in the boot - it makes all the difference. Don't just spin the wheels and trash the AutoSock.

On a hill in really slushy snow. You may drive forward then slip. The AutoSock are sticking to the snow but there isn't enough strength in the snow to hold the weight of the vehicle. Roll back down a few feet, compressing the snow and driving out the water. Then try again, moving further up the hill than before. Three steps up, two back.

AutoSock Copies Expand

Beware of cheap imitations!

AutoSock are taking robust action against patent infringement and want their customers to be aware of the situation; these notes are a summary of a recent statement they have issued.

AutoSock AS has registered several patents for fibre-based traction solutions for use on snow and ice. Despite this there are several other car snow socks on the market. The UK is one of several EU countries that is used as a dumping ground when these copy products are driven out of other jurisdictions.

AutoSock’s main European Patent is EP 1165329 and operational in all European countries. They have similar patent protection in North America and Japan.

Recent court actions include:

An injunction against Siepa and its Austrian and German distributors by the court of Düsseldorf, Germany. The penalty for patent infringement is €200,000 per incident. Siepa brands include Goodyear and Fix&Go.
An injunction against the Trendy distributor in Norway by the Court of Telemark. “Trendy” branded products have been withdrawn.
An injunction against Multi Grip and WeissSock by the court of Düsseldorf. The penalty for patent infringement is €200,000 per incident.

The European Patent Office, through its preliminary statement and through its oral hearing in February 2008, has confirmed that the filed opposition to the patents will not be heard; the patents therefore remain unchanged.

Legal action is currently being taken against copies in France, Spain, Italy, Korea and Japan. AutoSock is giving very serious consideration to taking action in the UK market as well, not least because so many copies are being exported due to cheap pricing and sterling weakness. There is every reason to suppose they will be successful.

Delivery Information Expand

AutoSock delivery

We despatch AutoSock with either an express courier or by Royal Mail Tracked. You get to choose which you think will be better for you, bearing in mind your knowledge of the weather conditions in your area and whether you think your post is reliable.

Royal Mail Tracked - £3.95 or Royal Mail Express Tracked - £4.95: These are popular and reliable options, especially if you are blessed with an efficient postal service in your local area. Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific deadline for Tracked deliveries, but customers usually receive their goods between 1 and 3 days, depending on which service they choose. Royal Mail will also make deliveries on Saturdays - something worth noting if you are placing your order on Thursday or Friday. Couriers do not deliver on Saturdays. You can now leave delivery instructions for Tracked, therefore your postman can leave your AutoSock “in the porch” or “with a neighbour” - preferably not “in the wheelie bin”!.

Express Courier - £5.95: 1 to 2 days, usually Next Working Day. We have selected the best courier companies on the market for winter deliveries. Many couriers refuse to deliver when there is snow on the road - not an ideal scenario for our AutoSock business! The couriers we'll use gave us a fantastic service in recent winters and made deliveries when their rivals were refusing to leave their depots. Courier deliveries also have the possibility of special delivery instructions, including goods left without a signature. Please note that there are no courier deliveries on Saturdays or Sundays.

Testing & Approval Expand

AutoSock safety testing

The development of the product AutoSock has been connected with a close cooperation with car manufacturers and the german TÜV Süd from the beginning on.

Since 2001, AutoSock is certified by TÜV Süd as a "winter emergency driving aid", creating a new product category in addition to metal snow chains.

TUV Tested and Approved

Today, AutoSock is approved by many car manufacturers

TUV Car TestedIn 2008, AutoSock passed the requirements of the new ÖNorm V5121 and is approved as a snow chain equivalent. During the same year, the AutoSock for Truck product range is approved as a traction device by the CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) /USA.

AutoSock is the only product of its type to be approved in several countries such as Czech Republic and Slovenia to be legally used instead of metal snow chains where chains need to be carried or fitted.

GripTech TUV Product Service
AutoSock is TUV Approved & Tested

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