Help these drivers to get home in the snow by giving them AutoSock
How many can you rescue in 60 seconds?!

How to play: Start the Game by clicking the Start Game button. Drag the correct AutoSock on to the vehicles that appear. Tips: Cars and Vans use the smaller size, Buses and Trucks use the larger size.
Countdown timer:
Cars and Vans Trucks and Buses
How to play

The aim of the game is to rescue as many vehicles as possible. Start the Game by clicking the Start game button. Drag the correct AutoSock onto the vehicles that appear. The faster you play, the faster they come!

AutoSock keep you moving and take the stress out of winter driving.

AutoSock will give your vehicles instant grip on snow and ice!

AutoSock in it's packagingAutoSock are reusable textile 'socks' which are pulled over the driving wheels of vehicles which need extra grip on ice or snow. The grip is achieved through friction, coupled with high tech textiles. AutoSock are quick and easy to fit and remove. Use them as a precaution, or after you've got stuck.

Watch AutoSock in Action

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