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AutoSock Customer Reviews

- 27/11/2012 | Vehicle type: Estate 3.5
These have been highly recommended but so far have not needed to use them. With a rear wheel drive, powerful estate car these are areal confidence boost to have in the boot!
- 25/11/2012 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 5.0
The AutoSock were brilliant. I'd tried to get up two different snow covered tracks to get onto the main road, and ground to a halt and had to reverse back down both times. Then I remembered I had the AutoSock. Put them on (very easy) and straight up the track. Well worth the investment. I must remember to put them back in the boot once the weather gets worse.
- 25/11/2012 | Vehicle type: Saloon 5.0
A bit tricky this, I haven't had to use the AutoSocks but I know people who have and they are happy enough. I keep them as insurance. I had the inclination to check the fit on my spare wheel and they seem about right. I feel better knowing they are in the boot.
- 24/11/2012 | Vehicle type: 4.5
2 feet of snow in N.Wales. I was the only car in town and needed to drop off my son at the train station early morning. No problems and even came home straight up a 1 in 5 hill with no stress. Really good product, you have to remember that the back end slides about in a front wheel drive car!
- 19/11/2012 | Vehicle type: 4x4 5.0
On my second pair now they are brilliant they will get you home or to work every time ,much easier than putting conventional chains on and cheaper than buying winter tyres
- 19/11/2012 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 3.5
Do a test fit before the snow comes , makes a world of difference. when you know how long you are likely to be knelt down in the snow at the side of your car. gives you confidence you can be on your way in a few minutes. much easier than chains. Don`t even hesitate get a set.
- 14/11/2012 | Vehicle type: Saloon 5.0
I ordered Autosock in the winter of 2012/13, after watching the online video I decided they were right for me, my properties drive has a slight slop and every time it had snowed in the past I had been forced to park on the road. Once I put on the socks my car drove up the slope even with 4inches of snow laying on it. I would always recommend Autoosocks
- 13/11/2012 | Vehicle type: Estate 4.5
I trust it works as advertised when I am in need
- 09/11/2012 | Vehicle type: MPV 0.0
Although I bought the auto sock last winter I haven't needed to use them yet. It's a great insurance to have them in the car knowing that I have a much better chance of completing my journey if I get fought out by bad weather. We were fortunate last winter that there was almost no snow. You never know when you might need to travel even though bad weather is forecast , and it's a great peace of mind knowing I have the auto socks ready to use. Well worth the money.
- 08/11/2012 | Vehicle type: MPV 4.0
Living on a hill really tests the "drive" and determination to get the kids to school and myself to work. For the first year ever I accomplished both tasks, thanks to Autosock. Neighbours were out using old carpets, cardboard, shovels etc. -they were astonished at their effectiveness, even lent mine to a couple to get them out of the estate.
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