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- 08/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 5.0
I bought the AutoSocks last year, and I had to use them as I got stuck in a hill on my way to work! They worked perfectly and after I put them in the car had no problems in the snow. The only bit of downside was obviously having to stop and get out of the car to put them on (while wearing a suit and high heels!) however, they are easy to use (didn't need a man to help!!) So I would recommend them specially to women as it is not nice to lose control of your car in the snow!! :)
- 08/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 5.0
Where I used to live was quite remote and the house was 2 miles of the main road so we were troubled with snow. I had to use the socks once and they were very good as long as you take your time the grip remains high. The car I had at the time was an S Max which I have now replaced with a Ford Kuga with "All Wheel Drive" I am not convinced that I will manage without another pair of AutoSock.
- 08/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 5.0
Used my AutoSock twice last year and was able to get out of both slippery situations easily.
- 07/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Estate 5.0
Purchased these after 2 severe winters. As fate would have it the recent winter was mild. So I have not tried them but I have no doubt that they work as they come recommended by "Which" magazine known for its independent and impartial reviews. To compound things I've since changed the car to one with a different wheel size but I'm sufficiently confident in the product to order a new set.
- 06/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 5.0
Very good product, got me out of trouble. I drove past many people stuck in the snow. Would buy this product again and I recommend it also.
- 06/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 5.0
I did not have to use last year so cannot give review yet.
- 06/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 4.5
Bought 2 sets for me and my son. My son has used his on numerous occasions and was impressed with the road holding and ease as to be able to ascend uphill with no problems at all. He said that it was the best investment he had made for the car. Due to my work commitments i have not been able to use mine at this moment but going on what my son said i shall have no problem using them when required.
- 30/11/2012 | Vehicle type: Estate 4.5
I drive a lot in remote and countryside areas and have experienced difficulty in the snow. Having done extensive research I decided on Autosock and got them from AUtoSock Direct. Once ordered they were received straight away. We have not used them yet so cannot comment on performance but we have done a test fit and found that they were easy to fit to the tyres.
- 29/11/2012 | Vehicle type: Van 4.5
I was stuck on an icy car park in the Malvern Hills, there was a slight slope and I just couldn't get enough grip to move my campervan onto the main road. Luckily, there was another van there and the driver, seeing my predicament, lent me his AutoSock which were the correct size. I was able to drive out of the car park with no problem. I have since bought your wonderful product and although I haven't had to use them yet, it's reassuring to know that they're there if needed.
- 28/11/2012 | Vehicle type: Saloon 4.0
Not used it yet, but delivery service was very quick.
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