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- 27/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Estate 4.5
Even driving in the French Alps the number of occasions you need chains or socks is not that great so the cheaper and very much easier option of AutoSock appeals, and they are also far cheaper than snow tyres. This is my second set so I must be convinced. Ease of use and much lower risk of damage to car a big plus point.
- 20/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Saloon 5.0
Not had to use it yet, it was quickly delivered and I now have a set for both my car and my Wife's. In addition all of our operational vehicles carry them at work, which is the most cost effective solution available for fleet use.
- 20/12/2012 | Vehicle type: MPV 5.0
have struggled with snow chains for many years - getting cold and dirty - not to mention wet - whilst kneeling on the road side avoiding passing cars. Last year I invested in AutoSock before heading to the French Alps. The first time I used the AutoSock it took me 2 or 3 minutes to get them on both drive wheels. The following time just over a minute. They were effective and turned our Fiat Multipla into a nimble, snow-sure vehicle. Perhaps the biggest benefit of all though is the fact that you can easily whip them on and off as the road surface changes. How many times do you see cars with snow chains on clattering down the road on ploughed snow free tarmac? This is usually because the final part of their journey may require chains and the thought of taking them off and putting them on again is too horrendous to contemplate. Chains on ploughed roads damage tyres and reduce braking to a lottery - and many drivers are unaware of this fact. With AutoSock you can put them on to get out of that snow filled drive, take them off on the ploughed main roads, and replace them if your destination is snow covered or slippery. In the UK or in Europe AutoSock are an absolute must - I definatley recommend them - and have done to friends already!!!
- 17/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 4.0
Ski trip to Andorra and French 2013 - 01.2013 - I used the socks on the rear wheels of my S Class Merc, I was impressed with the easy of use and also the grip. however, I really needed more grip on the front so I have just brought another set, so I have socks for all 4 wheels. A good bit of kit, also light and pack up small. Happy with the kit- Richard - Murcia Spain 02.12.2013
- 17/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Saloon 5.0
Used the Autosock in the UK & up the Alpes, several times would not leave home with out them in the car. So good got a set for the van last year & am about to buy anther set for the front end of my car, BMW, better in the Alpes.
- 17/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Van 4.5
I have used them many times in the French and Swiss Alps - works every time. Much easier than chains and no tyre damage.
- 14/12/2012 | Vehicle type: MPV 5.0
Used AutoSock for the full week in January in Les Houches with fresh snow each morning. Very good value and very effective even stopping on steep slope and putting them on to start again. Do get cuts when used on rough car parks so you have to go slow when steering to park not to cause too much damage. My wife drives to work so we have them in the car now ready for the odd snow fall this year.
- 12/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 5.0
Very useful on our road in North Yorkshire, easy to apply and good traction....already in the car for this year !!!
- 12/12/2012 | Vehicle type: MPV 5.0
I haven't had to use it yet but it is very easy to carry in the back of the car and looks as though it will be easy to use; even comes with a protective pair of gloves.
- 08/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 4.5
Got stuck in the snow trying to get my car up a hill so bought these with the hope that they would help. Was very pleased with them in the heavy snow and got me out of a fix on more than one occasion last winter. Got them in the boot of the car now ready to go and they give you that bit more confidence. Recommended!
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