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- 15/01/2013 | Vehicle type: Saloon 5.0
I have not had to use them as yet but feel good knowing that they are in the car if needed.
- 14/01/2013 | Vehicle type: Van 4.0
Having had traction problems in snow conditions with my Mercedes Vito during previous winters, I decided I had better be prepared last year. At first I considered having winter tyres fitted, but I could not justify the cost of doing this, so opted for AutoSocks instead. This was definitely the correct decision. I only used them when there was snow on the road and they were absolutely brilliant. They take no time to fit and are easy enough to remove. They must not be used on tarmac however, because they will undoubtedly wear through very quickly, so if the snow clears, you need to stop and remove the socks. As a bonus, I used the socks when I got stuck on a muddy track and they worked brilliantly, although they needed a good wash afterwards. Excellent product and highly recommended.
- 12/01/2013 | Vehicle type: Van 5.0
With a rear wheel drive van snowy/icy roads were a no go. Quite often not being able to drive up the service road to my garage. Last year I gave these a go. I was able to get to customers houses and back, even up steep icy inclines. Highly recommended.
- 11/01/2013 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 5.0
I live at the top of a steep hill with 2 hairpin bends! I can always get home even if others have abandoned their cars! Easy to put on and off, and they live in my car. I recommend them to all my colleagues
- 10/01/2013 | Vehicle type: Estate 4.5
Used on our BMW X1. We've seen rear wheel drive cars struggling in the snow before so bought some AutoSock in preparation for winter. The proved useful on a couple of occasions! They work brilliantly, the car drove in a very assured manner on the snow. And I suspect a few people watching me drive the car up a hill on thick icy snow may well have rushed out to get their own. Any drawbacks? Not really; be aware that for rear wheel drive cars you'll need four as the steering and the drive is separate. Not a fault of Autosock of course but does make it a little more expensive. Putting them on. No denying they are a touch fiddly. I'd recommend wearing a pair of gloves to avoid skinning knuckles. This will be dependent to some degree on the on the wheel arch clearance of your car. The higher the arch the easier it is. Given the price and performance, the slight fiddle getting them on is more than worth it. Great product!
- 09/01/2013 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 5.0
I thought this product was excellent. I have a Citreon C1 which i used the snow sock on very successfully. I would recomend it to anyone who cant afford a 4x4.
- 04/01/2013 | Vehicle type: Saloon 0.0
Not yet needed to be fitted
- 28/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Van 5.0
Used on a mercedes vito sport x. Previous year even the lightest of snow had me stranded. Bought these for last winter and they turned my rear wheel drive van into what felt like a 4x4. Can't recommend them enough. The only thing is taking them off, be prepared to get a little mucky!
- 28/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Estate 5.0
Not used them yet, but better safe than sorry I say, recommended by a friend who lives out the back of beyond and he swears by them, just remember to remove them when you're out of trouble.
- 27/12/2012 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 4.5
These are great to keep in the boot in case it snows and worked great once fitted however getting them off proved a little awkward as I broke a few nails trying to get them off again, so be careful. Having said that they got me out of a tight spot up a hill on a secluded country lane covered in snow so really glad I purchased them.
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