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- 16/02/2013 | Vehicle type: Estate 5.0
I've never had to use it (winter tyres are great and make a massive difference). It's in the wheel well if I need them and they do stow away very neatly!
- 11/02/2013 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 4.5
Excellent product. My mondeo has 18" alloys and wide wide tyres. This means it is useless in the snow. Rather than forking out hundreds of pounds for winter tyres (£500 a pair) I bought AutoSock. Great to pop on when you leave a slippery side road and the pop off once on the main road. Will use again. Makes you feel a lot safer on the snow covered side roads
- 06/02/2013 | Vehicle type: Estate 5.0
Really pleased with quick delivery and customer help.They have been really good in that it hasn't snowed since I bought them last year!! Just changed cars and delighted that they will still fit even though slightly different tyre size.Check should you be changing car. Stowed safely in boot for when I do need them. Did a lot of research- do not waste your money on cheap or even more expensive imitations.Designed in Norway and accepted on French ski slopes - not that we're going there! Would recommend without hesitation.
- 25/01/2013 | Vehicle type: Estate 3.5
Was taking the family skiing to Val d'Isere last February half term. Myself and my neighbour were both driving our families across France and up the French Alps. He was in his 4x4 BMW and me in my lowly two wheel drive Ford Galaxy. Both cars were fully laden with kids and gear and we made good progress, despite my neighbour's need to keep stopping to refuel, but we didn't encounter snow covered roads until we arrived at Val d'Isere. Our Chalet was located at the end of a steep, narrow road covered in hard pack snow, about half-way up we encountered a ski bus coming in the opposite direction and as soon as we stopped I knew I wasn't t going to start again. Having experience of putting on snow chains I feared the worst but five minutes later the AutoSock were on and from a standing start we were up the hill and at the chalet no problems at all. My neighbour, who had spent a lot on money on winter tyres, however was not so fortunate. I had to go back and give him a tow.
- 22/01/2013 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 5.0
I used Autosocks for the first time in March 13. It had snowed heavily during the day and I was parked at the bottom of a steep hill. Needed a bit of strength to manoeuvre the socks into place with freezing fingers (recommend a trial run in the dry) but having slithered scarily home the night before I was astonished at the difference. Dug car out early the next morning & the 5 mile drive to work was a breeze. Of 100s of staff, I was one of the only non 4x4 drivers to even attempt the journey. If snow's predicted this winter - buy some!
- 21/01/2013 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 4.5
I live on an isolated disused airfield and my car a Mercedes A170 is useless on even an inch of snow. The autosock allowed me to get to the gate a mile away.
- 21/01/2013 | Vehicle type: 4x4 4.5
fabulous i powered up those snow trodden hills in west yorkshire brilliant product no need for expensive snow tyres ..just put AutoSock on your tyres -same job - fraction of the cost
- 21/01/2013 | Vehicle type: Estate 4.5
Brilliant , i ploughed throw the deepest of snow and sub zero ice and snow in yorkshire , i felt safe and confident i could get up any hill whilst driving in AutoSock !!! ...and indeed i did . I carried them in the boot of the car and just popped them on when the snow got bad .. cheers well worth every penny
- 21/01/2013 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 4.0
Fantastic product, car kept going in the snow until the bumper pushed the snow up to its top edge. The hardest part was putting the socks on, there is very little room on my car between the tyres and the wing so it took much longer than I expected, but it was well worth it
- 20/01/2013 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 5.0
Love these so much I recently release my well used pair with a new set ready for the next winter. They are easy to put on & take off. They give you so much traction they allow to drive like you normally would on tarmac (abit at a lot slower speed, you wouldn't want to floor it anyway) My only issue with these are that they don't carry a warning on the storage bag they come in. So please be advised that could cause you to get abuse thrown at you when have a smug look driving past 4x4's stuck on hills & country lanes.
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