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- 06/12/2013 | Vehicle type: MPV 5.0
I live on a steep hill. Autosocks worked perfectly up and down. The local roads were usually covered with snow and they were very useful here also. They were great on parking places which had not been salted. We drive an Audi Q3 FWD diesel.
- 01/12/2013 | Vehicle type: Saloon 5.0
I got hopelessly stuck in my Audi A4 , after being caught in a heavy snowfall whilst visiting customers. I fitted the Autosocks and was a little sceptical that they would offer much assistance. How wrong I was - they completely transformed the car and offered immediate grip to a very high level. With the Autosocks fitted I could even get up quite steep hills with ease. Without the Autosocks I could barely get any grip on a flat surface. Highly recommended, and got me out of a major problem, and what would have undoubtedly been a night spent sleeping in the car !
- 27/11/2013 | Vehicle type: Saloon 5.0
I can't recommend AutoSocks highly enough. We live in Sheffield which is very hilly. Last year when we had a heavy fall of snow all the main roads were gridlocked but, with the Autosocks on, we sailed up all the hilly back roads where no-one else had driven and got home with no problem. We live at the top of a steep hill and we were the only ones to drive up it. They are light, take up very little space in the boot, are easy to put on and the price is reasonable. I would never be without AutoSocks in the boot.
- 19/11/2013 | Vehicle type: Saloon 4.0
I live at the bottom of an estate with three ways to leave all uphill! My BMW 3-series won't move even on a frosty road. With the autosocks fitted it's like driving on a dry road even in the snow. Superb product! my only problem is with low-profile tyres, the space between the tyre and the wheel arch makes fitting very difficult, however I use a small roller jack to lift the car on my drive to fit the socks before setting off. Takes about 5-mins per wheel but we'll worth the time. Removing is easy.
- 14/11/2013 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 5.0
works well.easy to use.good value.easy to carry round
- 13/11/2013 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 4.5
If, like me, you live in a hilly place where the local council can't be bothered to grit, then these are essential. They work exactly as advertised. The only slight problem I have come across is that they are not very easy to remove when you have limited room in the wheelarch as on a mk2 Ka. Fitting is easier but not without some slight struggling. Overall though, an amazing piece of kit.
- 12/11/2013 | Vehicle type: Saloon 4.5
Autosock is the probably the best thing you could ever buy because in these harsh weather conditions you want to feel safe and you want to be with your love ones. Autosock is great for rear wheel drive especially for BMW. once you have put them on you can straightaway drive off.
- 13/10/2013 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 4.5
This product works almost as well as chains but is a LOT easier to fit. I have a 4x4 but used these to give me almost UNBEATABLE purchase on the road, UP and DOWN hill. they are much better than Winter Tyres and are a fraction of the cost. I hyped them so much several friends have since purchased them and have begun their own hype :)
- 23/03/2013 | Vehicle type: Hatchback 4.5
very easy to put on-much easier than chains. I leave my AutoSock in the boot year round-take up next to no space. amazing performance in snow
- 12/03/2013 | Vehicle type: Estate 2.5
Can't comment as we have not had the snow !
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