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AutoSock snow socks for Forklift Trucks

Tyre Size Code
18 x 7-8 ASAF12
6.00 x 9 ASAF24
6.50 x 10 ASAF16
7.00 x 12 ASAF20
21 x 8 - 15 ASAF16
21 x 7 - 15 ASAF16
8.15 x 15 ASAF24
28 x 9-15 ASAF24
8.25 x 15 ASAF28
355/65 - R15 ASAF32

Most fork lifts have smooth tyres and rapidly lose traction when used on snow. They are so vital to daily operations, and so difficult to move if they get stuck (“Been there, done that!”) that we are delighted that AutoSock have now added fork lifts to their range.

Note that we only ever charge cards when goods are despatched, and we will keep you up to date with the estimated day of delivery.

  • Amazing traction on snow and ice
  • Safe and TÜV approved
  • Quick and easy to fit and remove
  • Great value, reusable and easy to store
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